Full paper template

 Article Preparation
  –  The article should be 10-15 pages in  A4 paper size and have never been published or submitted anywhere before
  –  Authors should make the format, font types, and references of the article to be consistent with the conference’s paper template before submission

 Author Guidelines
 1. The article must be submitted in electronic document format “doc and pdf file extension”
2. The number of pages of the paper should be from 10 to 15.
3. Please note that the paper size is the standard A4 size (approx 8.27 x 11.69 in).
4. Research/Academic article submitters are responsible for the accuracy of all content and references.
5. Components of the article must have all the main topics as defined in the research paper.
Sort by:
      1) Title Article (Type your title here using 11-point Times New Roman bold font on 11-point line spacing.)
      2) Author Names (Use 10-point Times New Roman font on 11-point line spacing. Begin with the first name of the author followed by the last name. For two authors, type ‘and’ before the last author’s name. For more than two authors, also each name by a comma (,). Identify each author’s affiliation by superscript numbers at the end of the author’s last name.)
      3) Author Affiliations (Use 9-point Times New Roman font on 11-point line spacing. Include institutional addresses for all authors.  Place superscript numbers in front of the author’s affiliation corresponding to the author’s name.)
      4) The abstract’s length should be a maximum of 250 words and keywords 3-5 words.
      5) Content (The manuscript will be published in a single-column style. Type text with 10-point Times New Roman font)
           5.1) Research Article, should have an Introduction, Objectives, Literature Review, Methods, Results and Discussion, and Conclusion.
           5.2) Academic Article, should have an Introduction, Content, Conclusions, and Suggestions.
           5.3) Pictures, tables, etc., must be used in numerical order in the article, provided the source correctly, and cannot use other people’s copyright.
           5.4) Chart should be colored contrastingly or in black and white.

Consent Form for Publication 
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