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Submissions for Manuscript 

  • The proposed article has never been published in any journal or publication before, either in the country or overseas.
  • The manuscript submitted for the PIM conference must be the Full paper (10-15 pages) and should be peer-reviewed before acceptance.
  • Before submission, authors should arrange the article format, font types, and references with consistency by using the template of the conference’s paper, please refer to the Full paper template.
  • Authors should make the format, font types, and references of the article to be consistent with the conference’s paper template before submission, please refer to the  Full paper template
  • Authors should provide a Letter of Certification for Pre-Publication of an Academic Article, please attach it with a full paper submission.
  • The institute will consider the articles after the payment of registration is paid and uploaded the payment bill.
  • The institute will reject the article if over 30% plagiarism is detected.
  • The Insitute hereby refuses to refund the cost of published articles in all cases.
  • The committee will issue an Acceptance Letter after the authors submit the final draft with the correction from the peer review.


  • 该文章从未在泰国内外任何期刊或出版社发表过。
  • 提交给PIM会议的手稿必须是全文(10-15页)并在收录手稿前经过评审。
  • 提交前,文章作者应使文章格式及字体与此次会议的文章模板一致,请参考完整的文章模板
  • 提交前,作者应使文章格式、字体类型和参考文献与会议文章模板一致,请参阅 Full paper template
  • 提交同时,文章作者提供学术文章预出版的证明信,并附上完整的文章。
  • 举办方将考虑您已付注册费的文章 并上传付款证明。
  • 如果发现超过百分之三十的抄袭,举办方将拒绝该文章。
  • 举办方不在任何情况下退还出版费用。
  • 会议委员会将在文章最终稿审核通过之后发出接受函。

Letter of Certification for Pre-Publication of an Academic Article /

Letter of Certification for Pre-Publication of an Academic Article.doc
Letter of Certification for Pre-Publication of an Academic Article.pdf

Full paper template / 全文模板

English Paper
Full paper_Template EN (Research)
Full paper_Template EN (Academic)
Example Full paper (EN)
References (EN)

Chinese  Paper
研究型文章模版 (Research)
学术型文章模版 (Academic)
Example Full Paper (CH)
References (CH)

Template for presentation
Template Online VDO Presentation
Template Poster Presentation (Research)
Template Poster Presentation (Academic)